why do we need website audit

Why Your Website Needs an Audit?

A website audit is a comprehensive analysis of all the factors that directly or indirectly affect the visibility of the website in search engines. A detailed Website audit can give you a deeper understanding of why your website is not performing well in the context of traffic or why your sales are not improving.

A reliable audit service from a reputed company can provide you feedback on everything from your technical issues to the content of your site. A website audit helps to ensure that you are giving the best user experience to the visitor of your website. Simply auditing your website helps to examine whether or not, your website is optimized to achieve your traffic goal. And in case if not, then it helps to get a glance of info on how you can improve it to increase the overall performance.

As far as you can remember when was the last time you had your website audit done?

If you have never audited your website and still thinking why exactly do you need your website to be audited. Then follow along with the blog for more information.

 Is Automated website Audit legit?

There are many SEO analysis tools where even a non-technical can check the result of the site. Actually, these kinds of audit reports are limited, and in terms of your ranking, it can provide you with limited help. While these types of websites provide you reports on “How many H1, H2 tags you have, how long is the meta title, meta description and other basics”- they are not the only things you need for in-depth analysis.

You may have noticed that you are required to submit some of your information to use these kinds of tools. Now, what you did is trade your email for some basic report that literally gives you no real value. While this kind of report is helpful for a low-level overview of the site health, the report you get is actually the source of lead generation for them. These kinds of reports generated by the automated tools are not the true representation of the site health. Although as spoken above we don’t recommend these free tools as the replacement of the in-depth review done by genuine process. One of the popular tools used by the common is Woorank. The important point to note while using Woorank is that it only pulls the data from the URL you input. Therefore, if you give the URL of the homepage, you will only get the result of the home page.

Why is Website Audit so important in 2020?

For a company with a website, the face of your business is the Website itself. Let’s assume someone wants to know about your business and services. All she/he does is, come to your site and check for the information they were looking for. Hence, what we get to know is that the website has the ability to convert your one-time visitor into a full-time customer. Simply we can say that taking care of your website is taking care of your brand. With the website audit, lots of the functionalities of your site can be reviewed.

Benefits of Website audit according to the types:

  • Technical: Helps to make sure that your source code of the site is well-coded so that it is optimized for fast run.
  • On-site: Analysis of the keywords in the areas (i.e. H1 to H6 tags, contents, etc.)
  • Off-Page: Full analysis of the links and anchor text for authority and trust.
  • Social: Online presence with the mentions and visibility of your brand.
  • Local SEO: Make sure that the website is optimized for local customers.

Top benefits from a marketing perspective:

Performance Optimization

Professional audits usually evaluate a site not only for the contents but also for the best technical performance. Basically, what we mean is that it helps to inspect the robustness of your site’s infrastructure, search engine friendly, user-friendly navigation, etc.

Search engine optimization

Conducting a website audit will help you to identify any missed opportunity or poorly executed SEO. You must know that Google changes its algorithm very frequently. So, you must be up to date with the sudden changes in the ranking algorithm. Hence you won’t be applying depreciated practices or any steps that can penalize your contents. You need the audit as things change a lot with search engines and it is very important to make sure that your code, contents are as per the changes and updates.

Conversion rate optimization

Most importantly, it helps to re-evaluate the effectiveness of your website in terms of the Lead generation and conversion. As a result, it can help you to spot the opportunity to convert visitors into the lead. A website audit can also identify the deficiency in your landing page so that you can optimize them to boost the conversion of our brand.

As a result, you can find many opportunities to drastically improve your traffic.

Why I should hire a professional for my website audit?

A website has a lot going than you can expect. You might be professional in your field so why not leave the Tech techy job to the experts. No matter how much you try for audit with tools like Woorank, SEMrush, Ahrefs. One way or another you will stumble upon issues like canonical issues, redirects, robots.txt files, sitemaps, internal link structure and so much more!

This is why there are lots of Digital Marketing and SEO agencies, they know how to not only provide the reports but also can address those issues to bring you fast improvement to your business or brand.

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What to expect after a successful Web audit?

Well done website audit from the professionals can give the business owners a great starting point to improve their online presence. The report generated will mention the current issues the website is facing which are preventing the business from doing its best. Once the client starts to implements the suggestion, the ultimate goal of the audit will be to result increase in traffic, improvement in conversion and growth in revenue.

Are you ready to improve your rank?

Small or big, if your business has a website, then you should consider doing an audit every 3 months. Contact us today to get the best audit that can help your business grow. Every analysis by us will be done manually with a fully detailed outline.

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