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What is a Social Media Marketing Strategy?

Stumbled on a question like, what is social media marketing strategy? The best guide to make your own Social Media Marketing Strategy? Here’s the info you will need.

With the introduction of social media, we have many powerful tools at our fingertips. Many business struggles with implementing an effective strategy that can drive sales.

According to some research. 97% of small business uses social media for customer attraction where 85% of the business owners don’t know the perfect social media tools to use. More than 60% of the consumers search for business online before the actual visit to the location. This is why social media marketing is very important.

For the best results in doing social media marketing, you need to work on a strong strategy. Without a proper strategy, you might be posting on social media without understanding what your goal is, the nature of your audience. This can lead you with nothing.

To grow your brand through social media, developing a strategy is essential. To generate a basic strategy all you need to ask yourself are the questions like:

  1. What do you want to be on social media? What do want to achieve from it?
  2. Who are your target audiences?
  3. What are the posts you will be sharing?
  4. When exactly are you planning to share your posts?

Basic social media goals you can have

  1. Increase brand awareness
  2. Drive traffic to your website
  3. Lead generation
  4. Increase revenue
  5. Boost your business engagement
  6. Increase business visibility
  7. Listen to gossips about your brand (Reputation analysis)
  8. Build a strong community around your business
  9. Social customer service

Social media marketing checklist

content marketing strategy checklist
  1. Brand’s social media goal?
  2. Which Social media platform?
  3. Target audience?
  4. Social media performance audit?
  5. Competitor analysis?
  6. Type of target content to post?
  7. Best time to post?

Now that you got these stuff on your head, let’s head towards our overall strategy.

Social media marketing strategy 2020

Social media marketing goals

One of the significant problems faced by businesses using social media is that they never spent the time to set relevant social media marketing goals. The only thing they have in mind is that they need to be on social media, but have no idea why?

You may have come up with this specific term SMART. Make your goals SMART means to have your goal Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-bound.

Being more specific helps you to easily identify what you want to achieve. Measurable means to evaluate achievement and progress. Attainable denotes your goals should be reasonable to achieve. Relevant is getting real to yourself, ensuring what you are trying to achieve is worth the time spend or not. And, finally, time-bound means to have your goals with the target time. Motivate yourself to attain the goals within the time frame.

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Social Media Audience and platform

The next thing you need to consider is your target audience. For example, if you are a travel brand then you should focus your post to related to travel tips, awesome images of the destinations, itinerary, etc.

social media platforms

If you want to know about your audience you need to know the following answers.


  •  are they? (Age, gender, location, salary, profession, etc.)


  • is their interest? (Entertainment, educational content, product review, etc.)


  • Do they hand out more? (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Tik Tok, etc.)


  • Do they want these contents? (to get information, to stay up to date, to get famous, etc.)


  • Do they consume? (Blog, video, meme, infographics, podcasts, etc.)

Competitor Analysis

Your business will not be alone in this world. You will usually have competitors, who may be struggling like you or be one step ahead of you.

You will need to know what they are doing? You can conduct an analysis to understand their strengths and weakness. This helps you to know what worked for them and what didn’t before you try it out yourself.

You might also get the chance to spot their weakness and grab this opportunity to benefit from it. There are various tools that help your analysis of your business competitors.

Best Time to Post

If you post at the time where your maximum target audiences are not online, then many of them would never see your content. You should schedule your time to post multiple content when your audiences are online. You can also use some social scheduling tools to set up and organize multiple posts at the same time. So simply post at the best time to engage with more audiences. That means before posting your content randomly you must consider the behaviors of your target audience.

For example, Sports fans are likely to be on social media before, during or after the events.

People who like to travel might be active during weekends.

Social Media Audit

Consider the following during your audit:

  • A number of Active social networks you are in.
  • Is your profile complete in each and every network?
  • Comparison with your competitors.
  • Common metrics like a number of reaches, clicks, engagement performance, sentiment, etc.
  • What is working and what is not?

Once you gathered this information you will have a good starting point for future planning on how to improve your business.

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