Case Studies

Case Study I

Idol Persona : 0 to 6,000 Page Views/Day in 3 Months

Idol Persona case study

Problem with Idol Persona

Idol Persona is a website created for celebrity news, net worth, health, lifestyle as well as the recent events. With the purpose of keeping audiences up to date with the latest happenings in the celebrity world.

The most important goal for the Idol Persona is to increase theirs traffics. That usually means the contents of celebrities with various topics which may be their relationship, their source of income, and all. Setting up a site and getting success is not easy.

You need to research your target keyword, ranking strategy, social media marketing strategy, competitors’ mining, etc. You might think content writing in USA is easy to find and anyone can write. That’s a huge misconception, even people of Idol Persona though the same.

Solution for Idol Persona

For a site like Idol Persona, we needed to have a large number of topics for us to write. Only writing is not enough we had to go through different steps like:

  • Finding the target keywords
  • Competitors analysis
  • Creating and working on the topics that rank
  • Trying to publish the best article online
  • Promoting content through various mediums like Reddit, FaceBook, Twitter, Tumblr, and many more.

Result of Hard works for Idol Persona

Driving SEO efforts about 8 hrs for 6 days a Week finally paid off for Idol Persona. Idol Persona has seen outstanding results with SEM Champion.

sem champion result 1
Trend of traffic over time and searches by country for Idol Persona

IdolPersona has seen more than 80% increase in keyword rank on the first page. Not only in text-based Idol persona has significant results in image-based search also.

Idol Persona has now 6000 daily traffic from various countries around the globe. With our help, they were able to achieve it within a 3 months period.

sem champion result 2
User overview of Idol persona

Idol Persona says

“Our organic traffic has improved more than we expected, as well as our rankings, which means new viewers, All thanks to SEM Champion for their effort. SEM Champion has helped us achieve that”.

Case Study II

Doglime: 2500 Daily Traffic within A Year

Doglime case study


Doglime is a purely Canine related site dedicated to providing info-graphic knowledge on all available and extinct dog breeds. They also work on giving overall information on raising a healthy dog and about dog care. With Doglime’s help, the readers can decide which dog they should raise according to their living conditions.


The most important goal for Doglime was to get people to learn more about dogs and their needs through the information and services provided by their website. This meant that they needed to market themselves to dog owners and potential dog buyers.

They needed to write enough content to cover most of their potential audience. After this, we researched their target keyword, ranking strategy, social media marketing strategy, etc.


We started with our services for Content Writing in USA. After we had enough content to provide their audience, we optimized and marketed the content by:-

  • Targeting the correct keywords
  • analyzing other websites of similar category
  • creating content that will rank
  • Social Media Marketing using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.


Our SEO strategists worked tirelessly to improve the rankings for Doglime. With the help of SEM Champion, they have seen the following results.

sem champion case study dogime 2
The trend of traffic over time and searches by country for Doglime

Doglime has seen a significant rise in their traffic, hitting over 50,000 organic visitors. We have also seen a rise in new users since we started our marketing efforts.

Our efforts over the year have seen a visible change in their daily audience also. They can now boast of 2500 daily visitors on their website.

sem champion case study dogime 3
User overview of Doglime

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